Handmade childrens costumes by Atelier Spatz

The tailor to your child’s wild dress-up closet

Atelier Spatz started with Jo’s own kids growing up with vintage costumes that had been in her family for generations. Missing from the seafarer’s chest of costumes in her parents’ attic was a bird cape and so she made one. Over the past ten years, the bird capes have remained a signature costume although she has now designed and sewn everything from snow queens, ringmasters and superheroes to fairies and pirate costumes.

Made in Luxembourg

Children's costumes made the artisan way

It’s been ten years of juggling needles and dreams! As a small business tailor, my days are a seamless blend of creativity and commerce. From measuring and selecting fabrics to crafting bespoke pieces that tell unique stories, I thrive on turning visions into reality while juggling emails, social media, business opportunities and motherhood.

And in 2022 the studio found a new home in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Relocating a business is never an easy task and I am grateful that the Luxembourg Chambre des Métiers as well as the many seamstresses and supporters of small business here in Luxembourg made me feel so welcome.

This autumn I was able to attain the “Made in Luxembourg” badge and officially become part of a community of quality artisan businesses. And I’m still serving costumers worldwide from this gem of a small country.

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Atelier Spatz Childrens Carnival Circus Costumes

Celebrate the 5th season with colour

Carnival, often hailed as the “fifth season,” beckons children to dive into a world of enchantment where the mantra is simple – let’s get dressed up!

This lively celebration is the perfect canvas for kids to unleash their creativity and embrace the joy of whimsical costumes. It’s a magical opportunity for them to express their individuality, make new friends, and revel in the spirited atmosphere of collective celebration and a bit of mischief.

So, step into a world where imagination knows no bounds and paint the grey days with rainbows. Let’s get dressed up and make memories that will last a lifetime at the heart of the carnival festivities!


Let the fun begin



Looking for a unique costume?

Commission a bespoke costumes for your child and let me create a one of a kind garment to fill your dress-up box with. Whether you are looking for a rainbow seahorse or a galactic warrior, there is nothing impossible to stirr your child’s imagination.

Have a look at the bespoke gallery to be inspired by my past projects.

Atelier Spatz Spring Bestsellers

Bestsellers ready to ship

Need something special, but urgent?

Some of Jo’s costume designs are so popular, so they are made in small batches and offered in the shop as “ready to ship” items. Just like a bespoke or made to order design, all costumes are made in quality fabrics using predominantly natural fibres and made in a sustainble way in the studio or with the help of a local seamstress.


Customers say it best


Atelier Spatz - Children's costumes made the artisan way to fill your child's heirloom dress-up box with

Let’s talk dress-up box

Every child should have a dress up box. We should regard them as part of our children's creative education and fill them with quality costumes…

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